How much water should we drink?

October 01, 2021

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How much water should we drink?

Do you know that our bodies are about 90% water when we are born?

This reduces to around 70% when we get older. Still a significant amount? Our bodies constantly use water throughout the day for regular body functions hence plenty of water drinking is required to prevent dehydration.

Therefore, experts suggest drinking 2 liters of water on average every day. This amount obviously is not standard among all people and depends on numerous internal and external factors of each individual.

There are many factors that might affect the average 2 litres figure. Let’s have a closer look into the major four:

  • Geography: Hot and humid areas obviously escalate water consumption of our bodies. We might consider increasing our daily consumption in these areas.

  • Diet: Salty and sugary diets typically require more water. Also don’t forget that vegetables cover part of our daily water consumption. If you are not eating enough vegetables, you might consider consuming more water to close the gap.

  • Activity level: Physical activity causes you to lose water through sweating. Therefore, physically active people need to drink more water compared to people who don’t engage in regular physical activity.

  • Health conditions: Conditions like diabetes, infection or fever require our bodies to consume more water.

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